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The Indian society places a high value on marriage and life-long commitment. In a modern Indian marriage, set against the realities of a socio-cultural urban India, nerves and energies are tested endlessly.

At, helping you build a strong marriage and family is definitely our aim. We believe, family can transcend all cultural barriers. We are dedicated to delivering quality writing on marriage and related issues, which can help couples enhance their emotional, sexual and spiritual evolution.Shop by Women's Boots ,Bridesmaid shoes & Career view all.

We provide a number of excellent online articles on marriage, family and Indian culture as well as quizzes which can help you keep the chemistry going. Couples ready to tie the knot can pick from a surfeit of ideas in our wedding trends section.

We are happy to serve a cause - helping people warm up to the idea of marriage by telling them what it entails and preparing them for all probable changing situations as they start down the staggering road.

Some of the recent findings indicate that the success of any marriage almost entirely depends on how differences and problems are handled, especially in the early years of marriage. We offer wisdom and insight gained from experiences and studies which covers family problem areas, such as marital distress, conflict, etc.

Quite often, simple acts of love and support are enough to meet emotional needs of each partner in a marriage. Our candid advice and genuine articles in marriage and family therapy and psychology will help you get the most out of your relationship. We provide practical tools that focus on infusing your marriage with the most positive feelings of bonding and romance, in spite of everything. We carry to sold-out shows. Buy at

We also believe enduring relationships like marriage have to be nurtured and in a big way depends on the quality of communication. We address this idea at length in the pages that follow..